Trick or Treat: Get Into the Fall Spirit with These Fun Gifts

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Fall is usually a wonderful time of year when businesses take the time to touch base with staff, clients, and business partners. With Halloween around the corner, this is usually a very fun time of year. Unfortunately this year, it is not advisable to have gatherings.
That does not mean that you have to forsake holiday fun for grim practicality. Send out one or two of these fun holiday gifts and you can still give your loved ones or colleagues a taste of that special fall fun.

Gift a T-Shirt

Send out holiday-themed t-shirts to everyone and organize a Zoom party where they can show off their gift. There are numerous ways you can design shirts. Splash your company logo across the back and put an interesting design on the front. Pay tribute to your family pet by designing a t-shirt that shows off their cute face.

For a more formal and business-centric shirt, you can use a service like Etsy to find an artist who can embroider people’s names on t-shirts for you. Not only will this be a nice gift, but your colleagues will also appreciate the classy style. Some companies already use t-shirts with embroidered names for casual wear Friday. You might end up starting a trend at your workplace.

For a more affordable and family-centric shirt, you can get t-shirts with pumpkin-themed puns on them. Everyone always has room in their wardrobe for a comfortable and funny t-shirt. Businesses such as Insta Graphic Systems can turn your vision into reality.

Gift a Box

Specifically, a gift box. Give them a box of Fall-themed or Halloween-themed goodies. There are many services you can use to find subscription boxes to suit any theme you may choose. A number of these services offer custom services and you can decide what to put in each box you send out. If you are sending these to colleagues or business partners, remember to pop in a handwritten note with a nice and professional message on it.

Use custom-made stationery for the notes to add that extra touch of elegance and professionalism. Not only will they appreciate the personal touch; they will appreciate the gift even more.

You can find a subscription box for almost any kind of item. You can get a selection of anything from whiskey, cheese, skincare products, and crafting items, to little boozy chocolates in holiday-themed shapes. There is something for everyone in a subscription box.

Gift a Song

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Did you know that you can gift someone an ad-free month of 24/7 play on Spotify or Apple Music? Find out the service that the recipient uses or wants to try out and give them this unique and thoughtful gift.

Music is great at cheering people up and these streaming services offer such a wide range and variety of music. Gift your tween sister an opportunity to listen to Billie Eilish on repeat; or give your manager a month of the finest orchestral renditions of Bach. These streaming services offer much more than music too. They can enjoy comedy albums, podcasts, audiobooks, guided meditation, and many more.
Whether they are fans of Liszt or Lizzo, you can be assured this will be a very well-received and popular gift that will raise your rating with them to a very high degree.

Gift a Library

If you know them to be voracious readers, then a Kindle subscription would be the very best gift you could give them. E-books are a popular and budget-friendly gift already, and gifting someone an entire reading service is very akin to giving them a personal digital library. Why give one book which they may already have and may not want?

They will be able to access all kinds of books of every conceivable type and in all major languages. There sheer variety available ensures that they will surely find a genre or author which is just right for them.

If the person in question is a connoisseur or a bibliophile, then you are giving them the unique opportunity of accessing books that may not even be in print anymore. This is sure to delight the ardent book-lover and you can rest easy knowing you gave someone a gift they love and appreciate.

The most important aspect of gift-giving is the who and the why. Who are you giving the gift to and why are you giving it? This will help you determine the best approach to take in selection and delivery, and drastically minimize the chances of making a bad choice. Always remember, it is the thought that counts most.

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