Floor Plan Ideas for Your Small Office

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With many people setting up their businesses, the commercial space market is now seeing one of the highest booms. This has led to office spaces getting smaller as property owners aim to maximise their returns. While some people choose to run their businesses from home, the dwindling office spaces should not stop you from renting commercial space. You do not need a large space for your office to look good or remain functional.

With the right choice for office desks, you can transform even the smallest of spaces into exceptional offices. The desks occupy your largest floor space.  You, however, should still pick the chairs and cabinets carefully to ensure they work with the desk and your available space to create an inviting and functional space.

The following are some floor plan ideas for arranging your furniture to suit your space.

Power Position

With this option, your desk is placed on the corner opposite your door. This way, you will have a good view of all the people entering your office. This layout is known as the command position in Feng shui. This is because you get the chance to address anything coming through your door. You can include file cabinets on the wall next to your door and a comfortable couch or chairs next to the window. These seats can suffice for relaxation or an informal meeting.

Client-Focused Plan

This works for offices that will host a lot of guests. With this alternative, you will sit across other people on your desk. The desk, in this instance, can still be placed in the corner opposite your door to exude an aura of being in charge. With the client-focused plan, you can have a round table and some comfortable chairs just next to windows to host large meetings or side-by-side reviews. The plan is among the most flexible since you can add and remove chairs as need be.

Triangle Design

This works best for businesses that include a lot of filed documents.  Triangular design for your office, in this case, will boost its functionality and keep things within easy reach while maintaining proper traffic flow. With the triangular layout, you have the desk in one corner cabinets in another corner and printers in another corner.

Room for Two

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Sometimes, sharing a small office is the only alternative. The ‘room for two’ design is the best choice in this case. With this plan, both people will face away from each other to increase privacy and minimise distractions. The layout leaves a lot of space for placing a cabinet, or the installation of storage shelves between the desks. You can have two chairs and a table next to the window for relaxing or holding discussions.

Planning is among the crucial elements that will determine if the above approaches will work for your office. Before heading out for furniture shopping, pick the floor plan that will work best for your business. You can then base your selection of office furniture on this plan and the available floor space.

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