How Much Money Can a Car Wash Business Make in 2023?

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2023 may likely be the year to start a car wash business, as the car washing industry is expected to experience consistent moderate growth in the coming years. This increase in popularity can be attributed to the growing number of people who own vehicles these days and prefer to have them professionally cleaned for convenience and quality assurance.

But how much money can a car wash business make in 2023? The answer depends on several factors. Read on to learn more about the potential revenue of a car wash business and what you need to do to ensure success.

Factors affecting car wash revenue

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Different car wash businesses will have different revenue streams, but some common factors can affect how much a car wash makes. These include the following:

Location and demographics

The location of your car wash will be one of the most critical factors in determining how much money you can make. This is because, naturally, certain areas have higher concentrations of people who own cars and are willing to pay for a professional cleaning service. Areas with more affluent individuals or those that experience frequent tourists may also be lucrative spots for car washes.

Type of car wash

There are several types of car washes out there, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Self-service car washes allow customers to clean their cars themselves, while automatic car washes are automated systems where the customer pays a fee for a certain level of cleaning. Hand-wash car washes provide the most thorough cleaning but may be more expensive than other options due to their labor intensity. Your revenue may vary depending on the type of car wash you choose.

Pricing strategy

With various car wash services, customers may be willing to pay more for higher-level cleaning. Therefore, setting competitive prices that reflect the service quality is essential. Not only will this ensure that customers pay a fair price, but it may also encourage them to come back in the future or even refer their friends.

Seasonal trends and weather

When it comes to car washes, there are often seasonal trends that can affect customer demand. For example, when the weather is warm and dry in the summer, more people may want to get their cars washed. On the other hand, inclement weather or colder temperatures can reduce consumer demand for car cleaning services. Additionally, if your car wash is in an area that receives snow, you may consider offering additional services such as snow removal or salt application.

Calculating car wash revenue

If you want to enter the car wash business in 2023, you must know how much money you can make before jumping in head first. To do this, calculate your expected revenue by taking into account the following factors:

Average price per car wash

First, calculate the average car wash price by dividing the total number of cars washed by your total revenue. This will give you an idea of how much customers pay for a single car wash. For one, a study shows that the average price of a car wash is around $15.

Daily, monthly, and annual car wash volume

Next, you must determine the number of cars being washed daily, monthly, and annually. You must consider the number of vehicles that come in during peak periods, such as holidays or weekends. You can also use data from the past few years to predict how much business you will get in the future. For example, a comprehensive car wash enterprise can generate annual profits ranging from $500,000 to $900,000.

Gross revenue and profit margins

You can now calculate your gross revenue and profit margins as you have gathered the necessary data. To get your total annual revenue, multiply the average price per car wash by the number of cars washed in a year. Gross profits are calculated by subtracting all expenses from this total. This will give you an idea of how much money your car wash can make before taxes or other costs.

Cost and investment considerationsfinances

Considering the costs associated with starting a car wash business is important. You must invest various amounts in purchasing or constructing the building, equipment, maintenance materials, and staffing. Here are some typical costs to consider:

Initial setup and equipment costs

When setting up a car wash, you must consider the costs of purchasing or renting the building and the necessary equipment. This can range from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands, depending on your chosen type of car wash. On average, starting this business can cost anything from $50,000 to $150,00.

Additionally, you will need to purchase cleaning supplies and materials such as soap, wax, sponges, and towels. You may spend $8,000 to $10,000 on self-service car wash equipment and $31,000 to $100,000 for automatic car wash equipment.

Ongoing operational expenses

You will also need to factor in ongoing operational expenses, such as utility bills, salaries, insurance costs, and maintenance costs. Additionally, you may have to pay for advertising or marketing campaigns to attract more customers. These costs must be considered before investing in a car wash business.

Return on investment (ROI) analysis

Finally, you should conduct a return on investment (ROI) analysis to determine how much money you can make in the long run. This involves projecting your expected profits over a certain period and comparing them with your initial setup costs. This will help you decide whether or not investing in a car wash business is worth it for you. Most car wash businesses can get a 45-50% ROI in three to five years.

Challenges and potential pitfalls

Some potential challenges and pitfalls can affect your profitability with any business venture. Here are some of the most common risks associated with running a car wash business:

Competition and market saturation

As car washing becomes more popular, competition can increase, and the market may become saturated. It would be best if you made sure that your prices are competitive and that you provide quality services to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, keeping up with trends and offering innovative services or products can help you gain a competitive advantage.

Managing labor costs and staffing

Managing labor costs and staffing can be challenging for car wash businesses, as they often require more employees than other types of companies. Researching labor laws in your area and ensuring you pay your workers fairly is important. Additionally, efficient scheduling and training can help you get the most out of your staff.

Dealing with seasonal fluctuations

Changing seasons can cause fluctuations in demand, so it is essential to be prepared for these dips and surges. Having a well-developed marketing plan to target your customers during peak season or offering discounts and promotions when business slows down can help ensure consistent sales throughout the year.


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Starting a car wash business in 2023 can be very lucrative if you do your research and plan accordingly. To estimate how much money you can make, consider the various factors that can affect your revenue, such as location, type of car wash service, pricing strategy, and seasonal trends. Additionally, be aware of common costs associated with running a car wash business as well as potential challenges and pitfalls so you can better prepare yourself for success. With the right research, you can make sure your car wash venture is both profitable and rewarding.

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